Albrecht Micro-Chuck Body


  • These unique one-piece toolholders provide extra reach and support for your drills and endmills when using driven tooling.
  • Exceptional accuracy and rigidity for:
    • More aggressive chip removal
    • Faster cycle times
    • Improved cutting tool life
  • Integral ER body, super slim nose, and ultra-precision collets work in unison for optimized clearance and superior vibration dampening over shrink-fit holders.
  • Cutting tool life significantly extended.
  • Available in three popular ER configurations for compatibility with many brands of driven tools.
  • Ultra-precision accuracy - 3 microns (0.00012") at 2.5 x diameter.
  • High-speed balanced to G2.5@40,000 rpm.
  • Collets are available from stock in both inch and metric sizes with a choice of precise coolant delivery options:
    • Standard – coolant is directed through the collet slots over the cutting tool.
    • Sealed – coolant is directed through the center of the cutting tool (for cutting tools that have central coolant ports).
  • Simple axial tightening reduces setup time.
Albrecht Body Style ER-25
Albrecht Dimension A 1.97
Albrecht Dimension L1 0.79
Albrecht Dimension D1 0.53