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Royal Deburring Tools

Royal stocks hundreds of deburring tools for virtually every application, including: ID's, OD's, straight edges, keyways, etc.

In addition to our broad range of deburring tools, we also stock an extensive array of deburring blades. All Royal deburring blades are made from the highest quality tool steels and are precision ground, providing exceptional burr removal and long edge life.

Our broad deburring tool line and use of high quality materials is complimented by the fact that Royal deburring tools and blades also carry the lowest prices in the industry. For example, our enormously popular B-10 blades have a list price of only $0.94 each! This is less than half of what other companies charge.

B&E Deburring Blades

Zip/Burr™ B-Set

Zip/Burr™ E-Set

Zip/Burr™ Countersink

Zip/Burr™ Internal Scraper

Zip/Burr™ Mini Scraper

Zip/Burr™ Scraper

Slim-Grip Scraper

Disposable Burr

E-Blade Slim-Grip


Double-Header Versa-Burr

Double Burr

Reversible Countersink

Ceramic Scraper


Rotating Ceramic Burr

Compact Ceramic Scraper

Adjustable Mini Ceramic Scraper

Multi-Purpose 4-in-1 Deburring tool

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Entire Royal Deburring Tools Product Line (PDF)

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