How to Buy

While this website provides consumers with an online purchasing option, Royal is a firm supporter of distribution. If you have a strong relationship with your local Royal Products authorized distributor, we suggest placing your order directly with them. Some of the benefits of working through your local Royal distributor include:

  • The ability to leverage their knowledge of your company and processes.
  • A personal relationship that often goes beyond “just business”.
  • The ability to bundle non-Royal items with your purchases.
  • Same-day availability if they have what you need in stock (and we can drop-ship directly to you if they don’t).
  • More flexible payment terms.

If you would like to explore the benefits of buying through distribution but don’t know who your local authorized Royal Products distributor is, please contact us.

We’re Growing Internationally

As Royal Products continues to grow, we are expanding our distribution network throughout the world. If your company sells CNC Machine Tools and/or accessories, and you are looking to enhance your product offering, we’d love to talk. Please  and type International Distribution in the subject line.