First be Best, then be First!

For over 75-years, leading manufacturers have trusted Royal Products to help optimize their CNC machine tool productivity. As an ISO-9001 registered company, Royal is dedicated to continuous improvement and strives to be the best supplier of CNC metalworking accessories in the industry.

One of our key advantages is that like our customers, we own and operate our own modern factory full of the latest CNC turning, milling, and grinding equipment. Because of this, our team understands firsthand what it takes to make a shop successful, and we also have the advantage of pushing and evaluating our products every day in our own demanding production environment. Royal’s philosophy is simple – if we wouldn’t use one of our products in our own shop, then we won’t sell it.

Our People

Picture of an actual Royal Products employee

If there’s one compliment that our customers give us over and over, it’s that Royal Products is one of the easiest companies they do business with.

We don’t look at ourselves as being exceptional in this area – we simply treat people the way we’d like to be treated ourselves. If a customer has a problem with one of our products, we take care of it, regardless of “whose fault it is”.

This isn’t rocket science – we know that if we consistently go above and beyond and always do the right thing, our customers will reward us with their loyalty.

Our Inventory


Inventory can be a difficult issue for many suppliers because “sleeping money” on the warehouse shelves ties up cash that could be used for other business functions. We look at inventory differently, understanding that when our customers need one of our products, they often need it “right now” because they have a spindle down, a hot job with a tight deadline, a new machine ready to be installed, etc.

In an effort to be as responsive as possible, Royal maintains very large inventories of all products in our line, enabling us to ship over 97% of all orders the same day we receive them. Again, this isn’t a revolutionary concept – it’s simply being dedicated to having what our customers need, when they need it.

Our Quality

Everyone delivers quality, right? Well, they should anyway…. But let’s face it, not all products can be the best – many fall into the category of “good enough”.

Being “good enough” doesn’t sit well with the Royal team, or our First be Best, Then be First attitude.

It takes unrelenting effort to be consistently recognized as the brand leader in the lines we offer, and every single member of our team understands that if we don’t deliver the absolute best machine tool performance accessories to our customers, they won’t be able to make the absolute best parts for their customers.

Our Knowledge

So now you know that Royal is super easy to do business with, has what you need in stock, and manufactures the best metalworking accessories available.

But did you also know that we employ a large team of metalworking experts strategically located throughout the country who visit dozens of shops and factories every week to evaluate processes and offer improvement recommendations? Or that one of these experts can visit your shop in one of our fully equipped demo vans so you and your crew can experience firsthand Royal’s broad range of products right from the convenience of your own parking lot?

Our Guarantee

Risk-Free Performance Guarantee

Royal’s exclusive Risk-Free Performance Guarantee enables customers to try a Quick-Grip™ or Filtermist on the toughest jobs in their shop for 45-days, and if they are not 100% satisfied with the performance, Royal will take it back and arrange for a full refund.

How can we offer such a guarantee? It’s simple – our products are all designed and built to outperform expectations, and very few customers are ever disappointed. We understand that implementing new technology can be scary, and we’re happy to alleviate any concerns by removing the risk.