Royal PneuVac™ Pump

The Royal PneuVac pump is a simple device that uses a compressed air-powered venturi to create a vacuum. All you have to do to operate the unit is: attach the pump and hose to a standard 55-gallon drum, hook up your compressed air supply to the pump, insert the free end of the suction hose into the sump or storage tank, and open the air valve. The coolant and sludge is drawn through the hose and deposited into the drum — quick, clean, and hassle free!
Royal Pneuvac Pump In Action

  • Heavy Duty Construction – Entire pump (except ball valve, float and O-ring) is made from either stainless steel or aluminum. Other brands are made from rust-prone carbon steels and light-duty plastics.
  • Very Safe – The PneuVac pump is powered by compressed air. This eliminates the possibility of electric shocks often associated with motor-driven pumps. An automatic shut-off valve activates when the drum is full.
  • Fast – The Royal PneuVac pump can fill a 55-gallon drum in just 90 seconds. Conventional electric pumps can take up to one hour to move the same amount of liquid.
  • Thorough – This pump not only removes liquid but will also pick up sludge, metal chips and other debris which often clog or wear out impeller-type pumps.
  • Quiet – Unique baffle system limits noise level without compromising performance.
  • Low Maintenance – The PneuVac pump requires very little maintenance because only compressed air flows through the pump body itself.
  • Great Warranty – Royal Products provides a 3-year warranty against failure of this product due to manufacturing defects.

Clean Your Coolant Sumps
in Less Than Two Minutes

The Royal PneuVac pump filled this 55-gallon drum with coolant in less than two minutes.

Royal PneuVac Pump Kit

Consists of pump, 1⁄4″ ball valve, automatic shut-off valve, 10 ft. of smooth-bore hose, quick-disconnect drum fittings, and one 18″ aluminum wand.

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Royal PneuVac™ Pump 10ft. Replacement Hose w/Cuff (1 1⁄2″ Dia.)
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  1. Do not use the PneuVac pump with flammable or volatile liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, kerosene, aviation fuel, mineral spirits or any similar liquid with a low flash point.
  2. Do not modify this product to pressurize drum to pump liquids out. Pressurizing drum could cause an explosion that might result in a serious injury.