Royal Grippex 20S Coolant-Actuated CNC Bar Puller
1 1/4" Round Shank

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  • The Royal Grippex 20S bar puller is actuated by a CNC lathe’s coolant system. As coolant is fed through the unit, it pushes a piston forward which causes the fingers to close around the bar stock. When the coolant is turned off, the fingers automatically spring open.
  • Self-adjusting mechanism – fingers will close down until they contact the bar stock so no presetting is necessary. This feature allows the Grippex to make multiple pulls on the same workpiece, even after the OD has been turned.
  • Unit can also be operated by air pressure.
  • Smaller body diameter enables 20S units to be used on machines with less tool clearance and smaller turrets.
  • Includes one set of fingers and one set of inserts.


Here's how it works: 

Bar Puller Shank Size1 1⁄4″
Bar Puller Gripping Range1⁄8″ - 2 1⁄16″
Grippex Bar Puller Dimension A2 1⁄16″
Grippex Bar Puller Dimension B2 15⁄16″
Grippex Bar Puller Dimension C3 3⁄8″
Grippex Bar Puller Dimension D2 3⁄8″

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Coolant Adapter for Royal Grippex 20L and 20S cnc bar puller.
Grippex Coolant Adapter (20L & 20S)
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