Royal Hardened and Ground Adapter Plates
A2-6 Spindle Mount
A2-6 Chuck Mount


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  • Adapter plates offer the flexibility to mount collet chucks and 3-jaw chucks to a wider range of spindles:
    • Mount a larger chuck on a smaller spindle for increased capacity.
    • Mount a smaller chuck on a larger spindle for increased tool clearance and higher speeds.
  • All Royal adapter plates are hardened to Rc 61-63.
  • High accuracy – 0.0002" TIR guaranteed.
  • Metric screws included for mounting plate to spindle.
  • Drive button included on all plates.
Spindle Mount A2-6
Chuck Mount A2-6
Adapter Plate Diameter 6.68
Adapter Plate Thickness 1.25
Thru-Hole Diameter 3.56
Spindle Mounting Bolts M-12
Chuck Mount Threads M-12