Heavy-Duty Rota-Rack™ with Deluxe Control


Part Number: 51002 Category:

Order conveyor separately.

  • The deluxe control enables the Rota-Rack’s® operation to be matched to the machining cycle time.
  • Three inputs are entered by the user: part cycle time, amount of rotation, and auto-shutoff quantity.
  • With this control, each time a part drops out of the machine, the Rota-Rack® will energize and index.
  • The deluxe control is useful for applications where accurate spacing is required to prevent delicate parts from coming into contact with each other.
  • It is sometimes possible to exceed the Max Part Length and Max Part Diameter parameters. Contact Royal for info.
850 in² / 5480 cm²
10″ / 25 cm
0.25″ / 0.6 cm
3″ / 8 cm
700 lbs. / 318 kg
See drawing
110V, 50/60Hz
450 lbs. / 205kg (including conveyor)

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