Royal Ultra-Precision ER Collet (Inch)
ER-32 Standard 9⁄32"


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  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy – 0.0002" TIR guaranteed.
  • High-pressure approved to 1400 psi.
  • Unique design is mechanically sealed by virtue of the rear slots terminating prior to the annular groove, completely blocking the path of coolant flow to the front of the collet.
  • When using thru-coolant cutting tools, these collets ensure 100% coolant delivery to the tip of the cutting tool.
  • Superior to collets sealed with silicone/rubber plugs because plugs are limited to lower operating pressures and are subject to wear.
  • Unlike standard ER collets, sealed models do not have a wide collapsibility range, requiring the collet bore to be matched to the cutting tool shank diameter.

A Perfect Match to Your Cutting Tool Diameter

All Royal ER Collets are available from stock in both inch and metric sizes. This is very important because it enables you to select a collet that has been ground to your precise cutting tool size.

Using a collet that is perfectly matched to the cutting tool diameter ensures that full surface contact is achieved, resulting in higher gripping force, better accuracy, less vibration, better surface finishes, and longer tool life.

Other Brands

Single Point Contact when Using Metric Collets to Hold Inch-Sized Tooling, or Vise Versa

Royal Brand

Full Surface Contact Because Royal ER Collets are Ground to Exact Inch and Metric Sizes

Collet SeriesER-32
ER-Collet TypeStandard
Drill/Endmill Diameter9⁄32″
Standard Collet Grip Range0.281″–0.242″