Royal Collets

Collets have been an integral part of the Royal product line for over 75 years.  We stock thousands of different collet styles, sizes, and bore configurations to ensure that if you order one today, you can have it tomorrow.

Royal Quick-Grip™ Collets (sometimes referred to as clamping heads) have unique characteristics that have made them the leading choice for CNC turning jobs.  Advantages include an industry-leading gripping range of 0.062”, parallel gripping functionality for full-length part contact and even force distribution, and a guaranteed ultra-precision accuracy of 0.0002” TIR.

If turning diameters 4” and smaller is something you do on a regular basis, utilizing Royal Quick-Grip™ Collets can greatly improve your CNC lathe performance, productivity, and profits! 

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Quick-Grip™ Collets

  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy – 0.0002″ TIR Guaranteed
  • Industry-leading 0.062″ Gripping Range (0.080″ for QG-100)
  • Huge inventory of Round, Hex, Square and Emergency collets (available in both Inch and Metric) for same-day shipping!
  • Royal’s advanced vulcanization process carries a lifetime guarantee against failure
View 5C Step & Expanding Collets
Royal 5C Internal Expanding Collet

5C Step & Expanding Collets

  • Accu-length design ensures precise workpiece positioning – no z‑axis movement
  • Designed to grip on the ID of a part
  • Collet head is easily machined to required size
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Royal Ultra-Precision ER Collet Set (Inch) Shown

ER Collets

  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy – 0.0002″ TIR Guaranteed
  • Royal ER Collets are available in both inch and metric sizes as well as standard and sealed designs
  • All sizes are in-stock, ready for immediate shipment
  • Very competitive prices make these high-quality ER Collets the best value in the industry