Royal Quick-Grip™ Power-Block™ Hydraulic Collet Fixture


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  • Royal Power-Block™ Collet Fixtures bring the full functionality of our Quick-Grip™ CNC Collet Chucks to your vertical and horizontal machining centers.
  • These fixtures incorporate many of the same great features as our Quick-Grip™ CNC Collet Chucks, including ten-second collet changes and the use of parallelgrip collets with a full .062" clamping range.
  • A great alternative to traditional vises and fixtures – especially for long, thin parts, or those with asymmetrical external features.
  • Units are designed to be actuated via hydraulic pressure, and may also be actuated pneumatically for lighter-duty applications.
  • Engineered for use in both stationary and rotary-table applications. Caution – not for use on lathes or grinders above 60 rpm!
  • Heavy-duty all steel construction with a large double-acting piston for high clamping force.
  • Configured with both side and bottom ports for plumbing flexibility.
  • Multiple units can be plumbed in series for single-source actuation.
  • Mounting face is precision-ground for perpendicularity to centerline.
  • Ideal for high-production vertical and horizontal milling applications.
  • For use with Royal Quick-Grip™ collets and installation tools.


Collet Model QG-42
Collet Capacity Round 1.66
Collet Capacity Square 1.16
Power-Block™ Dimension A 6.06
Power-Block™ Dimension B 6.89
Power-Block™ Dimension C 4.13
Power-Block™ Dimension D 4.72
Power-Block™ Dimension E 3.56
Max Input Pressure (psi.) 580
Max Axial Force (lbs) 7865
Max Clamping Force (lbs) 17,980
Fixture Weight (lbs) 25

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