Albrecht CP160-2MT Classic-Plus Precision Keyless Drill Chuck
2 Morse Taper Integral Shank
1/8" to 5/8" Capacity


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  • Integral shank design is more compact than a combined drill chuck and arbor, resulting in:
    – Greater accuracy
    – Greater rigidity
    – Larger work envelope
  • Integral shank eliminates the possibility of a chuck slipping on its arbor.
  • This unit is often less expensive than a separate chuck and arbor.
  • Keyless operation.
  • Self-tightening design.
  • Balanced.
  • Available with standard or diamond-coated jaws.


The World's Most Consistently Accurate Drill Chucks

For the past 100 years, Albrecht’s line of precision drill chucks has consistently earned the highest praise for outstanding quality and accuracy.

At the Albrecht factory, located outside of Stuttgart, Germany, in-process air gages and custom test fixtures are used to inspect all components throughout each step of the manufacturing process. Upon assembly, each chuck is qualified with 4–6 different diameter test pins at two distinct locations on each pin, and then a quality control inspector repeats the process with 4–6 different pins before approving the chuck for packaging.

Drill chuck accuracy is critical to producing accurate hole sizing and promoting longer drill life. In today’s competitive environment of short lead times and slim margins, a few scrapped parts can quickly kill a job’s profits. Can you afford to take a chance on anything less than an Albrecht?


What Does it Take to Make a Classic?


Self-tightening Design

Drill Chuck Capacity (in)1⁄8 - 5⁄8
Drill Chuck Capacity (mm)3 - 16
Maximum RPM4,000
Drill Chuck ModelCP160-2MT
Drill Chuck Weight2.9
Drill Chuck Shank Type2MT